About me

I qualified as a midwife in 2009 and worked as a rotation midwife in hospital for two years before moving to the community and case loading for eight years. This meant I got the privilege to follow women on their journey to motherhood, supporting them and informing theirs and thier partner’s decision making.  I saw what a difference this type of care made to women and enjoyed building their confidence in listening to their bodies.  It showed me how varied ‘normal’ can be and how important it is to treat everyone as an individual and that each pregnancy is unique. 

I believe that this journey shows signs when intervention might be needed, and, until that time is best left alone.  Women need a trusted, kind, experienced guide who can help them identify if things are a problem and how to act.  They need to feel safe and confident to make choices that suit them and their families.  

Having recently become a mother myself I now have personal insight into the process and how precious, incredible and life changing it all is. I feel passionately about the importance of the postnatal period and how healing and transformative this time can be, no matter your birth experience, when well supported.

I’ve worked in a rural birth centre in Uganda and taught emergency skills to rural health care workers in Nepal.  These have been humbling, life affirming experiences that have given me more confidence in supporting women.  I’ve seen women birth in many environments but Home Birth has become my speciality, it’s where the process can unfold in the way it needs to and often it’s where women feel safest when the time comes.  For women who prefer to be in hospital I’m happy to support you there too (though can’t be clinically responsible) – what I aim for is that you feel safe, well cared for and celebrated as you wander this magnificent but very normal journey.