Packages and Prices

Continuity of carer is the ‘gold standard’ of care, giving women an opportunity to get to know their midwife and build a relationship of trust. This therapeutic relationship means any problems can be identified early and individual care plans be made that deliver safe and positive birth outcomes. It allows women to relax fully when in labour so their bodies can get on with the work in hand. Once baby’s arrived, you’ll have a companion to guide you through the precious early days. All services are offered in the comfort of your own home.

Antenatal Package

I’ll provide you with full antenatal care and some antenatal education, referring to other health care professionals as needed. Visits will be monthly at first and increasing in frequency until the birth of your baby. I’ll be available to call or text for advise throughout the pregnancy during daylight hours! £1,600

Postnatal Package

I’ll see you the day after your birth (or after you get home from hospital), then as needed until baby is 28 days old, usually around 10 visits over the four weeks. I’ll give you lots of feeding support to help you feel confident with however you decide to feed your baby, time to discuss any concerns and advice about how to care for your baby and your self/selves as parents. £1,200

Antenatal & Postnatal Package

The full Antenatal & Postnatal packages of care. £2,600

One off consultation Antenatal

Maybe you’ve been advised to have an induction and want to talk through your options, or you want a bit more in depth advise around an aspect of your care or a discussion around evidence. We can spend some time to make sure you feel you understand your plan of care and I might be able to give you some options. £100 /hour

Birth and Parenting Preparation

I can spend a couple of afternoons with you, or two or three evenings over a couple of weeks, to go through: the process of labour; what might help ease the process (including a bit of massage, aromatherapy and yoga, along with the pros and cons of what pharmaceuticals are available at a home birth and in hospital); what might happen in an emergency and when you might be offered intervention and your choices around all this; how to get breastfeeding off to a good start, what to expect and how to deal with the common problems; and what to expect in the early weeks for yourself and the baby. We’ll need around six hours, maybe a little longer and you’ll complete these feeling empowered and informed about what is to come. £500


I use the original (and best) Marie Mongan Method of Hypnobirthing to make birth shorter, easier and more comfortable. The course dives deep into what holds women back, and offers you a chance to remember what your body already knows, how to birth your baby! Partners are an essential part of this process and learn techniques to deepen your relaxation and tools to advocate for you. We also look at bonding with your baby, breastfeeding and so much more. As a midwife I have extra experience and wisdom to pass on to you during this journey. The course is five 2.5hour sessions and the cost is £500.

Mini Postnatal package

If you feel you’d like the support I offer to extend in to the postnatal period, I also offer an add on from the Hypnobirthing or the Birth & Parenting Preparation, of four postnatal visits. £500

Postnatal visit & breastfeeding support

Support in the early days is so important and the right words can be transformative. I’ll check both mum & baby are well, offer expert evidence based advise and give breastfeeding support within my capacity as a midwife. £200 for first appointment, £100 follow ups.