Lucy: ‘If you want a knowledgeable, dependable, warm hearted midwife then Jess is your lady… Each appointment Jess listened to any concerns and impressively cited latest research and evidence based practice in reply to my queries. She is also fun and light hearted and easy to build a strong rapport with, which is key in building trust and alleviating any of my anxieties as a first time Mum… She always gave me balanced debate around my choices enabling me to feel empowered…. my home birth experience could not have been any better. Jess cleaned up the house for us and even fed our cat as we had left in a hurry.’

Sophie: ‘I always felt fully informed and as in control as possible…. Obviously seeing her regularly over a 6 month period meant we got to know each other quite well so when she arrived at my house once I was finally in labour I was filled with a sense of calm and security that even writing about now makes me want to cry.  It was an indescribably comforting feeling to have a warm, experienced ally turn up at that moment…  She is kind, unflappable, incredibly experienced and I can’t think of anyone I’d recommend more highly.’